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is a novel written by a photographer. After a life on the other side of the lens, he decided that it was time to recount with words all of the magic of his images and emotions which film is unable to depict. From this symbiosis, the suggestion of a unique and particular work is born.

is a tale worth seeing, but also made up of photographs worth reading. Those who read it are transported, on the uninterrupted flux of memories, of episodes at times simple and at times extraordinary, to a dimension in which the images accompany and comment on that which the stories suggest. In this long journey, the words are symbols of exchange with the photographs, and vice versa; the journey stays, or can stay within every element. Memories of worlds that no longer exist, the search, vain, of values that over time are no longer a part of our journey-but also perfumes, humors. Things more tender than a regret, more painful than a certainty, and more disenchanted than a new adventure. .

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